Greystone brings together a number of businesses and professionals in assisting investors, funders and developers on real estate and technology led projects.

We combine a wide range of professional skills into a single consultancy.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest professional standards in conducting all business and providing services for clients. We believe in business relationships built on integrity, knowledge, understanding and success

We have a team of highly rated individuals with a strong track record of success in business and government and have structured and managed transactions worth many hundreds of millions of pounds.


Milton Keynes urban regeneration partnership, UK,  £500 Million


A fifteen year regeneration partnership to tackle some of the most significant development challenges of the Local Authorities housing estates in an area north of London. 

Purchase and Repair Scheme, Bromley UK, £80 Million

A new pubic and private sector collaboration to help address housing shortages in London for those in temporary accommodation. 

Structuring and organising project finance

Project and People Management

Project legal advice and coordination​

Our Sphere of Expertise

Adam Street Advisers