Greystone Partners

Our philosophy is to provide the highest professional standards in conducting all business and providing services for clients.  We believe in business relationships built on integrity, knowledge, understanding and success

Our Expertise

Our sphere of expertise covers the following key areas:

  •  International Network Introductions and brokerage

  • Structuring and organising project finance

  •  Project legal advice and coordination

  • Project and People Management

We typically work with clients such as:


  • Investors
    We work with a global network of leading investors, from small to mid-size family offices to some of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds.

  • Government agencies
    Our experience has forged strong relationships internationally with the important government stakeholders.  

  • Business Leaders
    We work directly with the most prominent and established businesses, creating partnerships between our clients and the most influential and respected stakeholders across the sectors in which we are active.

Who we are

We are different to most consultant organisations as we combine a wide range of professional skills into a single consultancy.

Greystone is formed as a UK limited liability partnership. Its participating organisations include:

Acuity Law logo.png

A UK law firm regulated by the Law Society of England and Wales with offices in London and Cardiff

Accordus logo.png

A development management business

A corporate finance firm regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with offices in London


Adam Street Advisers